Saturday, February 18, 2017

Turning 80

I jut turned eighty and I don't feel one bit different than I did a week ago. On the other hand I did think about some important facts. My life is on the home stretch and I am thankful I can even think about the future. Plans are always on my mind and when it comes to time left I feel very fortunate I can still function in a positive manner and carry out my daily needs in a happy way.

I believe that people do change with older aging in a more mellow and engaging way. We are less judgemental and more confrontable and because of this we become easier to like. Our grandchildren and children as well as friends view us as wiser and friendlier and are more ready to engage us in their thoughts and conversations. As I aged I became aware of other peoples worth and the value of family. I get excited about a family visit or the birth of a baby in our circle of friends.

I no longer worry about little things that don't concern me but think and dream of the wonderful gifts I have shared over the years. My strong belief that we are all people of the universe and subject to the great truth about the natural order of things makes me free of the dependence of man created law that
help to kill the very nature of our being.

Today is

February 17th and it is like summer. I was out on the deck with only a shirt and the temperature was almost 20 degrees. Our little brook was running and all the local ponds and waterways are ice free. People here are being convinced about weather changes as the evidence is here.

When I compare the weather when I was a young lad to the weather today there are some similarities as the East Coast is experiencing very heavy snow falls and windy storms. Maybe with weather changing we are really experiencing a cyclic weather pattern. Global warming is another story.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Overnight Visitor

This morning Theresa had the fright of her life. She went to the balcony to shake the dust off a mat when she heard a growl. As expected she was startled and ran back to the door with the beat  behind her. She got to the door and the visitor growling but remained where he was.
Theresa gained her composer and realized that the visitor a racoon. This was an angry animal and continued growling and taking an offensive stance. Theresa closed the door and took pictures. This little fellow has been hanging around and looking for a home for the winter. When I came home I tried to get rid of him and managed to get him off the deck bet  he only went as far as the area Below the deck. I am trying to make a plan to get rid of him all together but there are laws. So much for the visitor who came in from the cold.

Monday, December 5, 2016

16 Year Tradition

Ever since Theresa, Doris and I moved to Oakville and lately Burlington we have taken a day and made tourtiere .It is a rather simple exercise but we all have our own recipes for this French Canadian Xmas treat. My recipe came mainly from my late Mother in law Margaret. I made them before but she helped and added her special spices.

With Doris and Theresa helping we made as many as 12 pies but this year we decided on six. I made the body of the pie from beef and pork ham bug. I cooked it in the traditional  way by boiling the ingredients in water and making sure the taste was just right. The only spice that I use besides the eight regular ones is ginger. I love to use ginger in many of my items because of the mellow aroma and warm taste.

I make the pastry and Doris rolls it out. I have never seen anyone that could roll pastry like Doris. Even at 99 her pastry is rolled perfectly even and she will be hard to replace while doing this traditional Xmas treat.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Another Feather in Her Hat

Granddaughter Darcy has had a superior year as a hockey coach. She coached her division championship and had a great winning percentage. Her command of the bench and her ability to bring players along had earned her coach of the year in her division.
To top off a great year she was invited to coach in the Ontario games. Her team won three, tied one and won silver as they lost to a better team in the final. Darcy coached well this year and was promoted to coach the top junior girls team this year for Guelph.  Nearly all of her family and friends attended her games held in Mississauga .One of the highlights of the tournament was her meeting Hurricane Hazel.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Last Fanjam

Our family celebrated another great fanjam at Lynda and Peter home. Twenty five of us getting together for fun and games. The girls planned some competitive games requiring skill and agility. Everyone participated and the older folks did very well considering we were three times as old or older. 
We had a special guest at this event as my sister in law Margie and her husband Kevin attended. It was special as we have not had an opportunity to party with them for several years. The weather being fair many went swimming in the pool and some had to be helped to get wet.
Our next event will be Doris's 99th year b'day. She is looking forward to this and so are we.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fishcakes for the Fanjam

I wondered what would be good for breakfast on the Sunday Morning after the big day before. I had some salt cod so made some Cod Fish cakes. I make the cakes and Theresa and does the cooking on the flat cooker we use for just such chores. It is a traditional favourite food of mine and I try to make them every two or three weeks. I like them for breakfast . Theresa is beginning to like them now but it took some time.

Theresa at the PGA

Theresa and her friend from Ottawa had tickets for the last PGA tournament at Oakville. Her friend Diana won these as one gift when she won the Canadian Championship for Senior Curlers. They wanted me to go along but I would rather see it on the big screen. Actually I could never keep up to them. They were so excited and planned to see certain golfers and so on. They were gone early and arrived home late and tired. I stayed home and watched the game and cooked.

I was so happy to see these friends sharing time together that I tried to stay out of there way. Their friendship goes way back and it is great to see them together. Theresa was actually excited to see certain golfers as she watches the PGA on TV. They took many pictures and I am using some of them to show how beautiful it was at that famous golf course.